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Monday, April 21, 2014

Rudimentary People

I've been contemplating for a while...and this 'mindful' behavior has invoked my inner skeptic to write again! I know, it's been a long hiatus, .....even so, I hope to never have to go back to wondering why that may have been the case! So here I am, wishing to calm the cognitive needler in me.

Much has changed over the last decade. Although I am an optimist in the true sense and strive to embrace the new and be done with the old, I cannot help but attack the madness that has accompanied this change.
Nothing seems as ethereal as it would a decade ago. It's the abundance that's hurting the ordinary. I like the ordinary, the simplicity,...the mundane even,..that life should bring with it. I dislike the notion of change giving way to exuberance, so much as to polish life's experiences and have them be presented on a platter! I like the unknown, the nothingness that life should challenge us with. Nothingness brings with it an adequate amount of curiosity.  Instead, what we have is an abundance, leading to an emptiness ...a certain vagueness that is brought about by having too much of everything. Not in the material sense (we still have a long way to go), but the noise that has accompanied this change is deafening!  Peace be with me in not having to change with this change!

 I 'll be done with this ludicrous thought process that's swirling my head when I am assured that there is someone out there as rudimentary in his/her ways as I am. Till then, I hope to write to be rid of the madness that is me.

Here's wishing me happy blogging while I wish you, that is the reader, sanity in spite of knowing me!

Nandini Rao.