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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

THE 'Social Network'

The tragedy that has hit Norway and the Murdoch Menace are two similar yet conflicting outcomes that once again force us to question the role of social media today.
I feel a sense of liberation everytime I pen down my thoughts, or in this case hit the keyboard, and I assume that would be the case with most of us.

The comforting fact about blogging is that I am not being made to stand on a pedestal and being questioned the legitimacy of my writings. The scary observation however would be the extent to which one would pen down their thoughts while being shielded within the four walls.

While it was completely disgraceful that someone with the greater authority to investigate the truth by the charge of the pen would eventually misuse that sort of weaponry to target the innocent, it becomes doubly frustrating to excercise caution at the pretext of upholding the right to privacy. The underlying observation in any written activity should be the extent to which human emotions are being exploited. Again, this alone cannot be a cause for concern. I however believe there is a pattern to everything that is carved out of the ordinary as there is to everything that is dull and mundane.

The necessity is to identify this pattern. Was the Norway tragedy a slow death well feigned by the lonely blogger or was it a one-off tragedy that cannot be explained? If the law allowed monitoring seemingly exploitive tendencies exhibited by any blogger/writer, it would once again compromise the notion of free speech, and free expression by one and all.
It becomes all the more important then, to decide whether a seasoned/paid writer should  have a different law from, say, the ones sitting in the comfort of their homes, venting their frustration with an ulterior motive to legitimise their thoughts and actions.

Still, in everything that has been said and done, coercive broadcasting of the truth must be differentiated and  monitored for breach of human rights laws from the seemingly harmless but equally dangerous ideologies that tend to gather considerable support. 

Nandini Rao.

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