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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Logistics of Hiring...

The fact that the global financial downswing had started to jolt salaried individuals & small businesses in India, two years ago, couldn't have been demonstrated more convincingly than it did in the aviation sector. Alarming as it was, both emotionally & professionally, the crisis still fails to trigger an affirmative among corporate honchos to change the  recruitment process that's doing the rounds in the private sector today. With due respect to the caliber exhibited by our work force, the hire & fire policy illustrates a poor effort at building human capital for a company. It proves that in an ideal situation, we may not have needed those numbers after-all. An economic boom in most developing countries invites false, make-believe opportunities that encourages happy singing as long as the sun shines. With democracy at our advantage, it's only  natural that we fall for all the trappings of a lucrative job. It becomes very important for any management then to realize that, what the country & its people need is a strong work foundation that will justify  any employee's presence in the company.  Creating jobs on the spur of the moment to accommodate for temporary manpower needs will only aggravate the hollowness that eventually creeps in once the  demand ceases. Encouraging a  career juggernaut like this could prove more malicious than any recession that's gonna affect us in the long run.   

Nandini Rao.

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