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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Dainty nostalgia gone Dull !!

I live in one of those new townships that have cropped up in the happening places in Hyderabad...,
the new trend that is fast catching up with the corporate conglomerate here in India.
It may seem like a treat to be able to gaze at the vast greenery from outside your window,  the gardens and the golf course,... the typical checklist that comes with this new lifestyle trend;...

...and then to provide a kindlier setting for the overwhelmed working class techies, the planning committee for this sort of real estate development  has managed to provide you with basic day to day amenities and shopping facilities within the county.

One must think it worth  the stay, and while I appreciate extravagance of any kind up until the point when style starts to give way to monetary exhibits, as is the case with most economically upgraded classes, I have lost the art of holding onto the surreal trappings that one would look back fondly upon and be comforted.

I remember our weekend trips with my father to Sambhaji Park in Pune, back in those growing up days. Even today, I recollect the simple settings of the park with a great deal of nostalgia and happiness in my heart, the happiness at being able to encounter the simple pleasures of life with zero vagueness. We always ordered BHEL PURI, yum! The very Khatta variety!  They always came packed in a local newspapers with a randomly chipped cardboard or thick paper spoon. The experience would always be one of immense beauty, ie. beauty in the simplicity of it all and beauty in the prospect of getting together with family and friends.

We have a 'CHAT BHANDAR' here within the township- explicit detail to the architecture of the shop, neat management skills of the owner and convenience of every kind for the potential customer, right from the polished benches to the very customary brown paper packages!( ...it's more of a fashion statement than an obligation towards catering to the green techno solutions, which is the trending topic today. They still forget or rather, not bother to turn off the lights when not in use!)

In all of these fabulous offerings, I'm still not able to capture the beauty of it all, and have not bothered to understand why. There is immense truth in the notion that childhood days are the best days of one's life and can never be brought back.

But if nostalgia is all about the beauty of reliving and relishing the past, what have we left to discover a few years down the line?

I'm pretty unsure as to whether I will look back in time on my trips to the 'CHAT BHANDAR' with fondness,...NOT because it didn't taste good or the environment wasn't a friendly one, but because I just couldn't fall in love with the whole adventure,.. as would have been the case years ago.

Nandini Rao.

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