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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calorie Glow :)

I've been on a good and healthy diet for a while now....but there are always those weak moments that break you. Not that I do not stick to resolutions, but I feel I'm being subconciously teased and my mind juggled with ( by mother nature I hope....and nothing more) everytime I hit that 7:00 O'Clock curfew time.

It's surreal, it's peaceful....in the company of your family. I picture my Mom browsing the channels, a staunch believer in good living. Nothing, almost nothing can melt her mood as far as food is concerned,....she's in absolute control of her surroundings and herself.

Dad's on an intellectual high every evening; he loves winding up with a good book. But I also assume he makes good disguise of his cravings, what with a major sweet tooth that he has. (He'd rather argue those were sweet thoughts!).

My sister has got accustomed to this new found military routine overnight, and almost nothing can break her too. Taken after Mom I guess, ...military time, military workouts,...food ofcourse,.. if there is a thing as military food, that too. Basically military everything!

Well, I'm good until 21:00, miltary time, and then there is the thought,... well just a thought,...no harm in that right?
So I'm thinking junk, easily the most comforting thought, almost therapeutic. So it's either molten cheese on everything,..... fondue, aesthetically put,... or fries. Cheese,..well I'll give it a rest, for I need a cooler climate for that kind of warmth.
Fries are your best bet,... actually it's potatoes that should be mentioned frequently...it's still a vegetable right?
Here's a little diversion, did you know most American food junkies don't know that fries are actually potatoes, and have a hard time when it comes to knowing vegetables?

Anyway, back to my situation. Spicy food is also comforting,...spicy snacks are a good pick, and they seem harmless everytime, what with their fluffiness or light weight, and almost no signs of oil too! I still heavily doubt whether spicy snacks are that harmful,...but I've had numerous discussions,.... well arguments really. So no more ifs and buts there,..... just listen to what you need to listen to.

Actually, here's the contradiction, a major one. They say listen to your heart always, and things will be just fine. Ofcourse, I admit it's the mind that has taken a detour, but what say, the mind may have been listening to the heart!  I'd go a bit further and claim it to be a cognitive meltdown, more that an emotional one! So here I go....just upto the cupboard, not even the kitchen. Snacking would be a good way to express what I'd do next.

I'd give Dad another half hour or so,...before he follows suit. Yeah, he needs to get into the kitchen,.... sweet tooth remember? But who's to say what guilt might offer? Guilty on the outside, and glowing inside! That's what I call Calorie Glow. Comfort food it is indeed!

Nandini Rao.

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