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Friday, July 8, 2011

Amma...your best case study for Management!

Amma to me is happiness! Of course, it is  not the only attribute that I could decorate her with, but it's the easiest that comes to my mind,... sort of an evergreen phenomenon.

I've been taking early morning walks around the neighbourhood, ...a new year resolution that has seen the light of day only recently....
....and the nosy person that I am, couldn't help but  eavesdrop on two mothers discussing not grocery prices(which have sky rocketed by the way!), but the ability to get their kids to sit down to eat.

Fondness for their own is nevertheless an art that takes different forms, ..in this case manifesting into a concern only a mother would understand.

My childhood, blissful as it was, .... was also a very active one. My twin and I were introduced to all kinds of extra-curricular activities like swimming, classical music, cycling, hockey, painting classes, and regular trips to the library so as to get us started on our reading habit.
We started to learn swimming at the age of five in Pune. Well, the challenge was not so much as to get us going, which we did, picking up the sport very quickly indeed, ....but to make sure that we weren't relegated to the pool side because of bronchitis. My mother made sure we got over the inhibition by attacking the problem head on!

This, she accomplished after having returned from her own school, teaching bratty fifteen and sixteen year olds, Biology and Chemistry. Our pleasure ride back home from the pool was not without a generous feasting on samosa and kachoris.

Those were epic days. And it didn't stop there. Our fondness and enthusiasm for sports was also shared by my mother, so much so that she used to gather all her correction papers and accompany us to the cricket stadium, where we cheered on insanely while my mum managed to catch up with her work.

There is nothing that we, as kids, were not introduced to. My concern is that, it just wasn't a topic of discussion then. Things were done in a very smooth and efficient manner.
I'm all for feminism and the notion of sharing tasks equally between a man and a woman.
The nagging thought however is  the magnitude with which management skills are being discussed!

This has got me thinking. Today, basic amenities and logistics have improved immensely. Multitasking should have been a no-brainer. But it's just not the case. There is this sudden thrust of an emergency meet for everything ordinary under the sun!

Is it the social media, or the blind objective of effective communication( also, a part of the curriculum these days), that has prompted such a trend?

Or maybe women just love to chat....or maybe people have too much time on their hands....or maybe, just maybe, it is viral without reason,...like everything on Youtube these days!

But somethings won't change for sure....when in doubt, ask your mummy! I gather there is no stronger, more effective a manager than your mom, and whats more...she is not your boss but your friend for life!

Nandini Rao.

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