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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of OCD's and their remedies...

Yesterday, I latched the door once, ..twice,.. re-latched after unlocking, and then to assure my cerebral insurance of being adequately covered, unlocked the whole thing, only to lock it again securely.

In the process, I can assure you that my sanity took a beating at least four times, before my dear colleague, who had the privilege of witnessing such an event, deduced the whole activity as being 'work related stress disorder'.

I've often loved monotony, it suits my personality, which also means that I've been happy doing what I do,... and have been happy for a long time now.
So when I was told that it was a matter of stress and strain, I found it hard to fit that interpretation into my custom made 'book of plausibility'.

Somewhere down the line,  in addition to finding solutions for the want that is the world, we have also managed to churn out acceptable terminology for all of our mindful endeavors.
Without dismissing the seriousness of such an observation, I'd rather we let some things be not discovered, for the simple reason that too much of a lot out there is already at stake.

Just the notion of labeling our managerial discrepancies might actually land us in a whirlpool.
I'd say, it's important that we turn a blind eye to some things for the sake of sanity.

Nandini Rao.

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