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Monday, April 25, 2011

The not so complementary Cause and Effect ....

The Anna Hazare campaign was a massive turnout that eventually fizzled out into the routine process of waiting and watching...
I'd say that this stage of  preponderance of the good over the bad & the ugly is always a dangerous predicament,  typical of a democratic setup like ours.
The reason being the time factor, especially when there is a waiting period between what one sets to achieve and the actual execution: numerous equally plausible and important factors come to light.
Not all of those factors would have seemed worthy of consideration in the beginning.
In such a scenario, I fear that the eventual outcome would more or less match existing circumstances, essentially because this country is still a heterogeneous society with a homogeneous ideology of live and let live.

Amendments to the Lokpal Bill in the absence of a strong judiciary matches that of artists screaming democracy in an empty theatre, for any drama devoid of the usual satire or a moral comprehension is a flop.

The need today is not for a common ideology but a common consensus that we all can arrive upon to implement such an ideology.
Time buys circumstances and will always disrupt the cause, forcing us to amend the effects accordingly.
In plain thinking, we need to get the job done now! 

Nandini Rao.

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