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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I like Friday mornings...I dislike Monday mornings.

....that would be categorized as normal I guess?

I love the fact that my study time could be disrupted by power failure, or I'd be suddenly surprised by an afternoon free from work, and maybe thrilled by the prospect of  finding 100 bucks in an old faithful pocket!

If all of this divine escapism could in fact  be termed normal under the psychological radar, why not relieve ourselves of the pressure of not feeling that way?

We could probably manufacture our inane accidental pleasures to build a concrete wonderland, where fueling your fantasies could actually help towards a better output....

....which could effectively  mean that we start work on a Friday! yay! why not?

Is it not plausible that a robotic life would kill you earlier than an unrestrained one?
anyway...let me get back to my fantasies before I start to kill optimism.

Nandini Rao.

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