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Monday, February 14, 2011

..from my-my!! to oh my??!!

...The world cup is upon us.......that would be cricket...

...Ok, so I wouldn't budge into why my enthusiasm hasn't found it's way around an event like this, 'cause any excuse would be termed lame... especially the age factor; for this is one of those rare opportunities to proclaim your true age and not be condemned as a viewer,......... some reprieve there!!! 

...It's just that this game has lost it's credibility and wow factor to the profligately IPL menace that has made a mockery of an age old hobby, by transforming the game into a prop for international lobby!

...Anyway, there has been much said and done about IPL and the likes, ...and that's not what is bugging me.

..The idiosyncrasies mapping an event like this has caught on to the advertising world as well,....
....where the  'smart' and 'short' genre has given way to 'stupid' and 'sleaze'..., and has proven that money does make you dance, aka Kevin Pieterson on a truck.

I remember 1996, not because of the India-Pakistan quarter-final, but more so because of the ads, ...it was indeed a family affair.

...Even if it doesn't have to be so obligatory as to draw in only wholesome families, I think there is & should be an obligation towards the standards that a viewer should be accustomed to.

...Today, advertisement themes essentially revolve around borderline personal & physical mockery.
Mockery, they say, brings out the humor that one would not forget easily, and so would also help remember the product that was showcased in such an ad.

...But tasteful mockery is what will be remembered as a cliche' of the good times that one has enjoyed.
Downgraded comic based on mocking gestures only brings the value system down, not to mention the kind of quality and standards we are trying to establish.

...Money brings with it only a sense of urgency, and that could lead us anywhere, ....but only a classy use of that money will lead us into the upper strata of a good living....

......and advertisements are an integral tool to nurture such a standard of living.

Nandini Rao.

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